Drake Says 'Young Sweet Jones' Reference Pays Tribute To Pimp C

'I feel like I'm extended UGK family,' Drizzy tells 'Mixtape Daily' of controversy from Pimp-inspired 'Put It Down' verse.

The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

Drake lays his game down flat on Bun B's "Put It Down," from the certified classic [article id="1644938"]Trill O.G.[/article]

"I just bought a car/ The n---a Pimp owned it," Drizzy rhymes on the chorus, paying homage to UGK's Pimp C. "I threw some tints on it/ He would have loved it how/ Put it down, put it down."

In his guest verse, the Toronto native says, "I got 100 girls in each phone/ Drizzy Drake mane, Young Sweet Jones."

Sweet Jones, of course, was the late Pimp C's nickname. In fact, a posthumous Pimp album, due on October 5, is titled The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones. (Drake makes a guest turn on a track called "What Up.") The 23-year-old Young Money franchise player says he's heard about the small undercurrent of controversy stemming from his tribute-paying reference to the legendary Texas street general. But according to Drake, there was absolutely no disrespect intended.

"I just feel that I'm a huge Pimp supporter," explained Drake, who sends the MC an R.I.P. at the end of his verse. "I'm a huge Pimp fan. I feel like I'm extended UGK family. Bun and Pimp are like uncles, dads to me. They're G's. [When I'm around them], I feel like I do around my uncles. They're still the coldest cats in the world, but Bun makes me feel ... he's a legend. His presence, it's like me calling myself Young Bun B, [when I call myself] Young Sweet Jones.

"It's just seeing a bit of them in myself; by no means did I mean to offend. I heard it was somebody upset about me making that reference. I think it was somebody in his family or something. But I never mean any disrespect. I love rap. Young Sweet Jones is just a little nickname. People really started calling me that before I ever said it in a rap song. I used to rep for Houston so hard. They just be like, 'Man, that's Young Sweet Jones right there.' I just put it in a song. And it sounded dope."

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