Cursing, Half-Naked 'Jackass' Stars Get Radio Jocks Suspended

Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Wee Man wreak havoc in Toronto.

"Wild Boys" Steve-O and Chris Pontius got a little too wild last week in Toronto, and three radio jocks had to pay for it.

Joined by their "Jackass" co-star Wee Man, the pair showed up Friday at the studios of CFNY-FM wearing only sweatpants (no shoes, socks or shirts), ready to co-host Dean Blundell's morning show. They were warned by the station's program director, Alan Cross, to behave themselves and abide by broadcasting guidelines prohibiting foul language and graphic content.

Cross might as well have been talking to a wall.

Despite the a.m. hour, Pontius was "feeling no pain," Cross said. While explaining that he and Steve-O had yet to cultivate relations with any of the local ladies, he dropped a few F-bombs, which were broadcast to the greater metropolitan area.

After graphically describing how to perform "The Butterfly," a physical stunt requiring one's scrotum to be stapled to one's inner thighs, Steve-O proceeded to demonstrate "Unwrapping the Mummy," a trick that used duct tape on a certain part of the male anatomy, and the "Double Back," which, he explained, shouldn't be attempted after a successful "Butterfly."

When things got out of hand, Cross called for an immediate end to the interview. Again he was ignored. Security had to physically remove the culprits, but not before Steve-O dropped his sweatpants and urinated in the studio.

"I've got staff, I've got interns," Cross said. "They didn't sign on to clean up somebody's piss."

Listeners weren't the only ones confronted by Steve-O's antics. About 75 people were in the studio audience, and others had gathered to watch through the first-floor studio's storefront window. The studio is also outfitted with a Web cam.

"This was material inappropriate for radio," a statement from Cross read. "The members of the Dean Blundell Show are very aware of our programming policies. Because they didn't maintain control over the interview, because they clearly encouraged the on-air antics and because they didn't cut the interview when instructed to do so, Dean Blundell, Jason Barr and Todd Shapiro have all been suspended without pay effective immediately."

The station apologized to anyone who may have been offended and fined the morning show an undisclosed amount. After weekend meetings, the show was reinstated and aired Tuesday morning (March 30).

Steve-O and friends stopped by the Toronto radio station while on their Don't Try This at Home tour. Their trek through eastern Canada continues through April 3 in Montreal.

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