Madonna Has No Sympathy For Kendall Jenner After Pepsi Pulls Controversial Ad

Pepsi yanked an ad starring the singer 28 years ago and she still hasn’t forgotten

Madonna doesn't forgive and forget, and she has no sympathy for Pepsi after the soft drink company's latest scandal.

Hours after Pepsi pulled its controversial ad starring Kendall Jenner, in which the reality star and model handed a can of Pepsi to a cop at a protest, Madonna commented on the fiasco on Instagram.

"When you wake up and realize that shit just really doesn't make sense!" the pop star wrote alongside a video of the pulled ad. "Side note: My Pepsi commercial was pulled 30 years ago because I was kissing a black saint!"

Madonna did indeed star in a Pepsi commercial in 1989. The two-minute spot featured the singer dancing to her single "Like a Prayer," but the company pulled the ad after Madonna's actual "Like a Prayer" video came out the next day, as the video's controversial Christian imagery threatened to tarnish the company's wholesome image.

Ever since, Madonna's preferred Coke, a point she made clear with a follow-up Instagram post.

The Queen of Pop is also Queen of Having Zero Chill (unless it comes in the form of an ice-cold Coca-Cola).

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