'Wholock' Brings 'Doctor Who' And 'Sherlock' Together In Song (Really)

When fandoms collide.

Geronimo, fangirls and guys (and hold onto your butts)! Because by some sort of fan-crafted miracle, there's a Wholock musical here to save your day, and also maybe several planets and intergalactic species. Yeah: someone has finally crossed-over two of the most popular BBC series — "Doctor Who" and "Sherlock" — to create a singing encounter between two of the most brilliantly mad men in the universe.

See what happens when you leave him alone for a second, Watson? Now you're going to have to retrieve Sherlock not just from the palace of his own mind, but a blue box that's bigger on the inside and contains within it access to all of time and space! Ha, good luck, dude. Goo-ood luck.

Brought to life with Travis Kent as Sherlock Holmes and Sean Welsh Brown as Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor, the video is one in a series by brothers Antonius and Vijay Nazareth, owners of the AVByte YouTube page. The duo do a lot of stuff like this so if you're into that sort of thing, well, allons-y!

There's also a behind-the-scenes video, FYI:

Seriously though, let's be real: these two are some grade-A egomaniacs. There's no way either one would agree to be the other's companion though, right?