Chrissy Teigen Went From Small Town Girl To Supermodel At '17' [Bonus Scene]


A glammed up Chrissy Teigen at 17.

Sometimes being at the right place at the right time is all it takes for your life to change forever, and in this "When I Was 17" bonus scene, Chrissy Teigen shares how she went from surf shop salesgirl to swimsuit model overnight.

Forced to move because of her father's job, Chrissy says she was not too thrilled about transitioning from Washington to the Golden State. "I had to become a California girl, but I hate water," she explains. Still, she eventually conformed and got a job on the beach, which is where she met a model scout who introduced the former small town girl to a whirlwind of opportunities.

Wary that a "creepy" photog at her first gig was legit, Chrissy admits that Mr. Teigen monitored the whole thing. "My dad was on that first photo shoot with me," she says. "He made sure it was A-OK." And in a flash, her charmed career began. "If that didn't happen, I would have nothing that has happened to me today," she says. Lucky lady!

Watch the clip, and tune in to MTV2 for full episodes of "When I Was 17," Sundays at 1/12c on MTV2.

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