Trump Didn't Correct That Guy Who Said Obama Is Muslim — But He Also Did Something WAY Worse

This is seriously getting scary.

Donald Trump has a bad record when it comes to racism. So it's not that surprising that today he's facing widespread criticism for failing to correct a man at a New Hampshire rally who claimed that President Obama was both Muslim and "not even an American" (neither of which are true).

In addition to his false statements about the President, the man at the rally — who was proudly wearing a Trump T-shirt — also said, "We have a problem in this country. It's called Muslims ... we have training camps growing where they want to kill us. That's my question: When can we get rid of them?"

Trump's lackluster response not only implied that the man's false statements about Obama could be true (which isn't actually that surprising, given that Trump spent years helping spread lies about the President's origins in the first place), but also appeared to explicitly endorse the racist, Islamophobic notion that the this country should "look at" rounding up all Muslims in the U.S. to "get rid of them."

"We're going to be looking at a lot of different things," Trump said. "You know, a lot of people are saying that and a lot of people are saying that bad things are happening. We're going to be looking at that and many other things."


Coming on the heels of the story about brilliant Muslim middle school student and inventor Ahmed Mohamed being put in juvenile detention for bring a homemade clock to school, Trump's endorsement of the U.S.'s growing problem with Islamophobia is especially disturbing.

We all love to poke fun at Trump — he has stupidly hilarious hair, talks pretty much exactly like Mr. Krabs and has a knack for saying the wrong thing. But he's also, in no uncertain terms, a racist who is running for president of the United States. And we should take that very, very seriously.

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