Mary Kay Calling! Leah Calvert Joins Makeup Titan As Beauty Consultant

Just one week ago, Leah Calvert told Dr. Drew on the "Teen Mom 2 Reunion" that she was itching to get a job, and it seems the employment gods were listening. Or goddesses, we should say. The "Teen Mom 2" cast member has landed a gig as an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics, she announced on Twitter. WERK!

Leah MK twitter pic
As a rep for the brand, Leah has her own page on their website, where you can send her a message about the products and even schedule personal service with her. "I can't wait to have my first party," the mother of three tweeted with the hashtag #INLOVE.

If you don't live close to Leah's hood, don't worry. She's planning to start posting beauty tips and secrets on YouTube in the not-so-distant future. Finally we can learn how she keeps her eyeliner from smudging! Inquiring minds — and lids — are dying to know.

Photos: Michelle Crowe, Leah Calvert's Twitter

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