Earl Sweatshirt Is Torn: Touring With Eminem Or Sitting On The Couch?

'I would much rather be at home when the album comes out,' Earl says of the album release of 'Doris'.

Earl Sweatshirt couldn't wait for his debut album, Doris, to hit stores on August 20, but he thought it was too bad that when the moment finally came, he was on tour opening up for Eminem.

Right... We were confused too.

The Odd Future gang, including Tyler, The Creator, is currently opening for Em in Europe, but Earl admits that he had other ideas about how he wanted to celebrate his big day.

"I met him at Coachella and part of me is excited just because it's Eminem, but I'm gonna be there when the album comes out, so I'm pretty bummed," he told MTV News ahead of the album's drop date. "I would so much rather be at home when the album comes out."

And what exactly would Earl prefer to be doing at home? "I would sit on my couch," he said matter-of-factly.

Don't get it twisted though, the 19-year-old rapper is definitely a Shady Stan, but he just wasn't anticipating this turn of events after waiting so long to release the album. "I'm a big-ass Eminem fan, it's just crazy that this is how this unfolded," he continued. "So I guess it's cool -- I mean, I'm not now, but like probably at around 6 p.m. on that day I'll start getting really excited."

Earl Sweatshirt Hopes Doris Will Take The Focus Off His Private Life.

"If he says something about the album on that day then I'll be like aiiight fo' sho, but if it's just a show and we leave with f---ing pissy Tyler and go back to the hotel and just like f---ourselves for the rest of the night, then I'ma be really hot."

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"If I don't have an amazing day that day, then I'ma be pretty mad."

We really hope Eminem said something about Doris.

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