Farrah Vs. Debra: These Are The Mother-Daughter Duo's Fieriest 'Teen Mom OG' Feuds

The family members certainly don't hold back when they argue.

Farrah and her mother Debra have clashed through the years on "Teen Mom OG" -- and during this week's episode, the mother-daughter duo hit yet another tough spot. The root of the argument (which can be viewed below): Farrah going back on her plan to have Debra watch Sophia full-time while she was overseas for business -- and deciding that her father Michael would be a more suitable option. But this judgement call did not still well with Debra, and that's when things turned tense -- Farrah demanded that her mother "learn how to talk" and stop throwing a tantrum, while an emotional Debra admitted that she was "hurt" by her offspring's choice.

As viewers of the long-running series understand, these two have had difficulty communicating effectively and being attentive to each other's feelings -- and this recent incident is hardly the first time Farrah and Debra have butted heads. Take a look back at some of their most fiery feuds, and be sure to keep watching "Teen Mom OG" to see how they will resolve this latest disagreement.

Very first (televised) altercation

The "16 and Pregnant" spat is a difficult one to forget: The two exchanged some heated words -- Farrah called her mother dumb, while Debra said she was sick of her child's "belligerent, anti-Christ attitude" and "had enough" following a failed trip to the car dealership. The bickering culminated with Debra slapping her child...and Sophia's mother being reduced to tears.

A violent turn

Season 2 of the long-running series picked up at a dark time for the pair: After a big fight turned physical (the incident was not televised), Debra was arrested and charged with domestic assault. The series included Farrah explaining the disturbing incident to a state prosecutor and her next steps to move forward from the ordeal.

Moving on out

When Farrah told Debra and Michael that she and Sophia were moving out of the family home, the grandmother did not take the news well and stated that she would be changing the locks on the doors.

Trip from hell

Debra hoped to enjoy a nice vacation during her visit with Farrah and Sophia in Florida (the young mom and her little girl had recently moved to the Sunshine State). However, Debra's stopover went off the rails when Farrah and her sister Ashley lost their patience with their mother. But when Debra made a comment that alluded to Derek's death, all hell broke loose (read: Ashley calling her mother a "Satanic bitch.")

Reliving the past

Before Maci, Amber, Catelynn and Farrah returned for "Teen Mom OG," they all sat down with their loved ones to view some of their memorable MTV moments during four separate “Getting to Know” specials. And, of course, the aforementioned "16 &P" argument was one of the clips -- and watching the spat brought up a whole slew of emotions for the women.

Cue the crying

Let's call the prequel to this week's emotional spat: Before Farrah changed her mind about Sophia's childcare during her lengthy business trip, the Texas transplant told her mother how she would like things handled in her absence and implementing rules for the house (like how much soap to use during laundry). But the conversation quickly escalated (Farrah reprimanding her mother and Debra getting choked up), and eventually Sophia interjected and accused her mother of having a "bad attitude."

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