Pink Or Blue: Cory Wharton And Taylor Selfridge Announce Baby's Sex

The 'Teen Mom OG' couple held a special gender reveal bash

Cory Wharton and Taylor Selfridge are gearing up for the arrival of their first child together, and the Teen Mom OG couple can check off a major milestone during this "exciting time."

Michelle Terris


The MTV lovebirds, who announced in October that they were having a baby and will document their life-changing journey on the upcoming season of the docu-series, held a special gender reveal bash with loved ones (including Ryder's mama Cheyenne Floyd). And it looks like Cory will have even more pink in his future -- because it's a girl!

Michelle Terris


"I’m two for two with girls it feels good," Cory shared. "You know, the first girl I had completely changed my life for the better and I expect this baby to do the same. I’m happy to share this moment with Taylor and her family and my family. And I just want to enjoy it. This whole process is new to me. I never got to enjoy this process with my first kid, but now that I have a girl, another girl, I get to be a part of it from the beginning. You know, I’m just happy. I have two girls now. I have two beautiful princesses. I’m glad that I get to take care of them both. Soon enough- when I become an old grumpy man- they can take care of me. So, it’s nothing but a blessing. I’m going to love this one to death. I can’t wait to meet her. And now I have two princesses and one queen that I got to take care of. So, god is good."

Michelle Terris


And Taylor will soon have a mini-me.

"I was honestly in shock when I found out it was a girl!" she revealed. "The whole time I’ve thought it was a boy, so when we saw the pink confetti I was so surprised! But I’m so happy either way because I’m excited for my little baby to be here! I’m excited to have a daughter because I’m best friends with my mom so being a mom to a girl I hope to have the same relationship. I’m ready for the mommy and me outfits! I’m ready to see my little baby in 3 months! We’re almost there."

Offer your congrats to Cory and Taylor in the comments, then keep an eye on MTV News for more Selfridge/Wharton munchkin updates as well as Teen Mom OG info.

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