Wait, Did Kylie Jenner Dress Up As One Of Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Girls?

We're getting Frostbyte vibes over Kylie's Halloween costume.

Kendall Jenner has been honorarily inducted into the Taylor Swift squad -- you might recall, she joined her CaKe counterpart Cara Delevingne among Tay's special stage guests during the 1989 World Tour stop in London -- but now it looks like her little sis Kylie might just want in the crew too.

Or at least, that's the message we're getting from her Halloween costume which gives major homage to one of the more memorable moments from Swiftie's "Bad Blood" video.

See, Kylie got all sparkled up for what she called an "Eskimo" get-up for Halloween this year.

Later, she dubbed the cute and cozy look "Snow Princess."

And, to us, that looks *exactly* like what Lily Aldridge was throwing down as Frostbyte in Tay's epic vid. Here's a quick refresher.

Just like in Kylie's selfie vid above, Frostbyte made a point of slowly opening her sparkling eyes to introduce us to her.

Frostbyte Intro

And she went toe-to-toe with Tay's Catastrophe in the snow.

Taylor Swift Bad Blood

The ice provided a nice backdrop for their slick maneuvers.


And her all-white halter top with hood look was HOT, even in the ice.


Kylie's costume could've fit right into that scene, TBH, and now we just *have* to figure out what Ky's "Bad Blood" alter ego would be called.