Dear Quentin Tarantino, You Really Should Make 'Hateful Eight'

The script leak was unfortunate, but a new rumor suggests the western isn't dead.

Dear Mr. Tarantino,

I don't know if you've heard, but there's a crazy rumor going around that you might make "The Hateful Eight" after all. But who knows it that's actually the case? Now, Q -- can I call you Q? -- I'm fully aware that this is none of my business because you're an aggressively independent artist with a pretty much flawless track record. But you really, really should make "The Hateful Eight."

It's been a crazy 2014 so far, hasn't it, Q? First, the news broke that the Western project you announced on "The Tonight Show" was called "The Hateful Eight," and it sounded awesome. And then, 10 days later, you shelved the script because it leaked after you gave a copy of the first draft to six people. That must have sucked. But I don't have to remind you of any of this, do I?

Before long, "The Hateful Eight" script was widely available to pretty much anyone who wanted to find it. Even in its first draft, it had the makings of another great film from many people's favorite director. Enthusiastic notes about using large-format 70mm film, like "The Master," only made the sting of possibly never seeing the story realized on the big screen hurt much worse for fans. Many complained that the leak wasn't a good enough reason to leave the project behind.

But that's the thing. You don't owe "The Hateful Eight" to your fans, as many of those fans believe, or anyone else. You owe yourself those grand 70mm vista shots and the contained, dialogue-heavy scenes. Anyone can tell by reading the script that you were really excited to make this movie. You shouldn't let one person's mistake or "betrayal" keep you from doing that.

As you said in the wake of the leak, it wasn't the script reaching the general public that upset you. Similar leaks happened on both "Inglourious Basterds" and "Django Unchained," as you know. It was the betrayal on behalf of some actor that wasn't Tim Roth. Since it's still a screenplay and most people wouldn't bother to sit down and actually read the thing, only a handful know what you had planned for "The Hateful Eight." If the rumors are accurate and you plan to rewrite the script, there's still a ton of room to surprise audiences and leave any guilty parties out of your cast.

Whether you decide to go through with "The Hateful Eight" or move onto another project, just make sure it's for you. Your gut has rarely led you down a bad road when it comes to your films. Why should it fail you now?

And anyway, do you really want your filmography to be decided by some punk agency assistant who wanted to show off?



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