Katy Perry, Fantasia Look To Unseat Eminem On Charts

Perry's 'Teenage Dream' expected to take top spot from 'Recovery.'

It's been [article id="1646471"]a long, record-setting summer[/article] for Eminem's smash Recovery, but [article id="1644599"]Slim Shady's chart dominance[/article] could be challenged next week by two strong women with something to prove.

Em's held the #1 spot on the album charts for seven of the nine weeks Recovery has been in stores, with its other two weeks spent at #2. But he could be pushed down to the #3 position next week thanks to the debuts of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream and Fantasia's Back to Me, according to a Billboard.

Citing unnamed "industry prognosticators," the trade pub put Perry on track to sell between 170,000 and 200,000 copies of Teenage Dream by the end of this week's reporting period on Sunday (August 29). Fantasia, meanwhile, is on target for a #2 bow and sales in the 120,000-140,000 range. This week, Eminem had little major competition, and he was able to [article id="1646449"]hold on to the #1 slot[/article] with 116,000 sales of Recovery.

For Perry, the debut would easily best the chart arrival of her breakthrough 2008 effort One of the Boys, which debuted on the charts and peaked at #9 with 47,000 sales; it went on to sell more than one million copies in the U.S. and seven million worldwide. Perry is looking to both beat the sophomore slump and cement her status as one of the world's pop icons.

A #2 debut would also be a high-water mark for Fantasia, who has struggled through a difficult period lately that included [article id="1646300"]a suicide attempt[/article] and tabloid headlines regarding her relationship with a man in the midst of a divorce. If the former "American Idol" champ snags the #2 spot it would mark the best chart debut of her career, though her previous album, Fantasia, sold 133,000 copies when it reached #19 spot in 2006.

While numbers were not available at press time, it's even possible that Slim Shady could get a bit of a run from Usher, whose new EP, Versus, also dropped this week.