Ed Sheeran's 'Trap Queen' Is The Fetty Wap Cover You've Been Dreaming Of

Ed says, 'Hey, wassup, hello.'

Things just keep getting better for Fetty Wap. On Wednesday, it was revealed that hip-hop's newest star will be front and center on XXL magazine's annual Freshman cover and then on Thursday, Jun. 4, Ed Sheeran went ahead and covered Fetty's biggest hit.

That's right -- Ed linked with the Roots (thanks "Tonight Show") and did an acoustic cover of Wap's No. 1 Billboard rap single "Trap Queen." With Questlove on the drums, Sheeran went on to spew a ton of Fetty-isms starting with the infamous "1738" Remy Boyz shoutout at the top of the tune.

Then there was the catchy opening line: "I'm like, Hey, wassup, hello."

You guys, Ed Sheeran just sang "Hey, wassup, hello.

We're not sure if this is what Fetty Wap had in mind when he wrote about "baking pies with his baby," but we're here now and we're never going back.

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