'It Was Shocking': Madisson Says She Was Bewildered By Brandon's Reaction To Her New BF On 'Siesta Key'

Plot twist: Her latest man used to be her 'boss' on the hit MTV series

Madisson dropped a relationship bombshell during tonight's Siesta Key Season 3 premiere: During a winter stint in Los Angeles, she forged a romantic relationship with a man named Ish. But he wasn't just any random guy: He used to work on the hit MTV series on Season 1. And when she returned to Florida with Ish by her side, no one was more stunned than Brandon to see his "old boss" holding hands with his former girlfriend.

"What the f*ck," he muttered as Madisson declared to Chloe, Amanda and Juliette, "Meet my boyfriend!" at the latter's graduation bash.

Brandon didn't skip a beat and approached Ish (while Madisson was off to the side with the ladies) to say that the situation was a "whole bag of weird."

"You guys aren't together," Ish fairly countered.

"That was the girl I loved," Brandon confessed, while Madisson observed in the background. "That means that you had her sights on her for a long time!"

Ish insisted that wasn't the case: He was back in California and told Brandon to stop "coming in hard."


But it was already too late for that. Brandon was furious that Ish was "overseeing this whole sh*t," while Ish told Brandon to "respect her feelings."

"Be loyal to her, and don't talk sh*t about her," Ish demanded. "Everyone is happy, and you come in here pushing my face."

"Let's be real -- everyone in here thinks this is weird," Brandon spat, to which Chloe responded that she didn't agree.

At that point, the two guys were interrupted, and Madisson brought Ish to get shots a beverage.

So how does Maddison feel now -- after several months have passed? Turns out, she's still surprised by how her erstwhile boyfriend reacted to her new romance.

"It was shocking. I expected him to be surprised, but I did not expect him to be so aggressive," she explained to MTV News. "That is so out of character for Brandon in general -- he’s very chill usually. He definitely surprised me the most."

What was the evolution of Madisson's bond with Ish, and how did it change from colleagues to friends to partners?

"We get to know our producers so well, and we talk to them more than we talk to each other because we are opening up to them about everything," she stated. "We form really close relationships with these people. But we did not have any romantic relationship when he was working on the show, and it wasn’t until two years later that it did start. But we were close, and he was close with all of us."

Excitement all around indeed. What do you think of Madisson's bond with Ish? Will the lovebirds last, or are the odds stacked against them? And what about Brandon's role in this affair of the heart? Give your opinions, then keep watching Siesta Key every Tuesday at 8/7c.

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