Eminem No Threat To President, Secret Service Declares

Lyric 'I'd rather see the president dead' had sparked inquiry.

Eminem might pose a threat to fledgling rappers, glittery pop stars and trash-talkin' hand puppets, but he's no threat to the president, the Secret Service determined after looking into some of his recently publicized lyrics.

Lines from the song "We As Americans" caught the Secret Service's attention last week: "I don't rap for dead presidents/ I'd rather see the president dead" (see [article id="1480985"]"Did Eminem Threaten The President? The Secret Service Is Looking Into It"[/article]).

It's routine for the Secret Service to investigate anything that might be considered a threat against the president. But after further inquiry, the Secret Service felt there was nothing more to uncover, Secret Service spokesperson John Gill told the Associated Press on Monday. Gill was not available at press time to elaborate.

"We As Americans" is one of several Eminem tracks that leaked online last week (see [article id="1480894"]"Eminem's Benzino Dis Turns Up In The Lab"[/article]). Em's spokesperson said the songs were unfinished and not meant to be heard by the public. Many are old, and though there wasn't a specific recording date for "We As Americans," it is believed to have been recorded in the past year.

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