'Shadowhunters' Wraps Episode 1: Here's What We Know Will Go Down

We need this in our lives asap.

The first episode of "Shadowhunters" has officially wrapped, and we can't believe we have to wait until NEXT YEAR to see the finished product. Sometimes, life can be so cruel.

However, that didn't stop us from analyzing each and every behind-the-scenes photo to figure out what exactly would be going down in this premiere hour. We know the episode, directed by McG, is called "The Mortal Cup," and from our expert Twitter stalking, we can deduce that it will cover most of the first part of Cassandra Clare's "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones."

Here's how we think the first episode will go down, based on what we know from the books -- and what we've seen social media. Now, we're not saying our theories are 100 percent correct, as it's possible McG and co. could have filmed sequences out of order, and they might be saving some crucial reveals for the actual episode, but this is our best, educated guess:

They meet at Pandemonium.

Clary and Simon head to the all-ages club to celebrate Clary's birthday. There, Clary sees Jace, Isabelle and Alec for the first time. She interrupts them when they try to kill the blue-haired demon, which causes a brawl. Eventually, the Shadowhunters manage to kill him, but they're less than enthused with Clary. Jace, of course, is intrigued.

The blue-haired bro.

Could this be the blue-haired demon Clary sees in Pandemonium? We think it's a pretty safe bet.

Is Magnus Bane at Pandemonium, too?!

It makes sense that if the series wanted to introduce Magnus Bane, the High Warlock of Brooklyn, in the first episode, they'd have him hanging out at Pandemonium. There's always a chance the we might meet him at his party, but we just think that's a lot of ground to cover in the first episode. By adding Magnus to the Pandemonium scene, it adds to the mystique of the world without taking too much time away from the core cast.

Izzy's Pandemonium look is so on-point.

So she might be missing her pendant (boo), but Izzy looks ready to slaaaay at the club. We can't wait to see her use her whip in action!

Do Malec meet?

We think this is more of a tease than anything, but again, it sets up the idea that Magnus will be in Pandemonium when Jace, Alec and Izzy arrive.

Clary and Jocelyn.

When Clary returns home from Pandemonium, her mom is not happy. Jocelyn scolds Clary for being so late, and the next day, she and Luke tell Clary about their plans to go away for the summer. Needless to say, Clary is upset, but little does she know, her mom had some serious demons after her.

The poetry reading?

In the book, Clary and Simon go to a poetry reading at Java Jones the day after the events at Pandemonium. Perhaps in the show it's a small coffee shop gig? It's there that Clary will see Jace spying on her from the entrance. When she runs after him and asks him to explain his deal, he'll tell her that she's not a mundane.

Clary cries for her mom.

Jace tries to convince Clary to come to the Institute with him, but they're interrupted by her mom's call. When Clary answers, Jocelyn frantically tells her not to come home. Panicked, Clary tries to call her mom back, but she drops and breaks her phone. She grabs Jace's phone (which happens to be a Sensor) and accidentally attacks him with it before running back to her brownstone. There, a Ravener demon attacks her.

Clary gets knocked out.

Clary tries to run away from the Ravener, but he traps her inside. To her horror, she realizes it's trying to communicate with her. At first, it says it wants to eat her (gross) and then, it says something about Valentine. Holding the Sensor she took from Jace, she jams it between its teeth, which begins to kill it -- but not before marring her skin with Ravener acid. But before she's able to escape, the half-dead Ravener strikes her in the back of the head, causing her to collapse. Enter Jace.

Clary wakes up at the Institute.

We think the episode probably ends with Clary waking up in the The New York Institute after Jace heals her of the Ravener poison in her veins. It's the perfect way to end the pilot, tbh -- giving us just enough of a glimpse into this world to want more. We hope the pilot keeps the scene between her and Izzy, but judging from this BTS pic, it looks like when she awakens, the entire gang is there to fill her in.

The final scene?

In the book, Clary finds Jace playing the piano. Here, it looks like Clary and Jace get some anticipated alone time before he brings her to Hodge. Will we get to see Hot Hodge before the episode ends?! Doubtful.

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