'Harry Potter' Star Warwick Davis Shares Most Memorable Moments

'I got to do some really interesting and important things,' Davis says of two-part 'Deathly Hallows.'

Ask any of the "Harry Potter" castmembers to name their favorite moment over the course of filming eight movies, and they'll be hard-pressed to select just one. No matter what level of involvement, from stars to extras, production designers to makeup artists, those close to the wizard franchise feel lucky just to have been a part of the "Potter" magic.

And perhaps no one more than [article id="1642657"]actor Warwick Davis[/article], who has not only appeared in all eight of the films, but played two memorable characters: Professor Filius Flitwick and Gringotts' formidable goblin, Griphook. When MTV News caught up with the actor at the opening of [article id="1641953"]Universal's Wizarding World of Harry Potter[/article] theme park last month, we asked him to narrow down his character's most memorable moments.

"I think all of my favorite moments are in the last two films," Davis said. "I got to do some really interesting and important things, which is nice. Previously in the films, it's always been great to be there, but normally I've been the kind of comic relief. I've had silly, fun things to do, which have been very memorable," he explained. "It's wonderful. People always remember those moments, but I felt having Griphook and Flitwick [in the final two films] -- I have much more bearing and importance on the plot as well."

Davis added that the absolute best moment for him was both surreal and emotional. "People who've read the books will know this (spoiler alert), but the moment where Voldemort exclaims that Harry Potter is dead ... to have read that and to actually be there as it's happening, that was quite emotional and quite surreal. It sends a shiver down your spine because you're standing there and witnessing this event. It's almost like reading the newspaper going back in time, witnessing a world-changing event."

What's your favorite Flitwick or Griphook moment? And what scene are you most eager to see played out in the final "Harry Potter" films? Tell us in the comments!

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