Josh Hutcherson Says His 'Spider-Man' Audition Was 'An Honor'

As Sony has allegedly viewed screen tests for the top "Spider-Man" candidates, it's a sure bet that fans are going to get to know their Peter Parker sometime soon — it's just a matter of who winds up under the mask.

Josh Hutcherson is one name that's been tossed around, with the actor himself having confirmed his status as a candidate for your friendly neighborhood web-slinger. Speaking with MTV News, Hutcherson spoke further about being in contention for the lead role in director Marc Webb's forthcoming "Spider-Man" reboot.

"You can't prepare for that, you know? It's so big," the actor told MTV. "To be considered on the list with some of the people I'm being considered with is like an honor. These actors are so good. I mean, it's such a big movie."

Hutcherson spoke to the almost surreal quality of being in contention for "Spider-Man," saying that he grew up watching the "original" movies — by which he means the Sam Raimi-directed, Tobey Maguire-starring trilogy.

"I grew up watching the originals — the originals, you know, the ones with Tobey Maguire," he laughed. "They came out when I was ten years old. It's just an honor. It's really cool to be considered for that."

While the 17-year-old actor was willing to reveal his own status as a "Spider-Man" contender, he wouldn't speak to the other names currently being batted around like Anton Yelchin and Aaron Johnson.

"They put so many people on tape," he said. "Pretty much everybody I know has auditioned for it and gone in for it. I think they're just trying to figure out exactly what they want."

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