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Watch Kristen Stewart Do Some Bad Lip Reading, Get Mad About It

This game is hard.

Whenever Kristen Stewart shows up as a guest on "The Tonight Show," two things are guaranteed:

1) Jimmy Fallon will get her to play some ridiculous parlor game of his own invention, and

2) Classic, hilarious K-Stew awkwardness will ensue.

In other words, it was business as usual when Kristen stopped by 30 Rock last night (Jan 5.) to play Whisper Challenge.

For those not in the know: This is the one where one person puts on a pair of noise-canceling headphones with loud music playing, then attempts to read the lips of the other person as they repeat a common phrase or quote.

It's basically an impossible challenge unless you have a very particular set of skills -- which is why it takes Kristen about 30 seconds to get really frustrated by her host's Scarface impression (which doesn't exactly help when she can't hear it, Jimmy) and say a bunch of very bad words.

On the other hand, what K-Stew lacks in lip-reading ability she definitely made up in killer lipstick game, so she really shouldn't be too mad.