David Archuleta, John Mayer, Vampire Weekend And More Give Us Their Favorite Albums And Songs Of 2008

Members of Death Cab For Cutie and Cobra Starship also participate in round two of our artists' year-end wrap-up.

Last week, when we published a list of [article id="1601546"]artists' favorite songs and albums of 2008[/article], we expected to get some feedback ... but what we couldn't have predicted is just how much of that feedback would come from other artists.

Seems that everyone wanted to get in on the act, which meant that over the past few days, we've been getting even more lists from some of the artists who had huge impacts on 2008 -- everyone from "American Idol" contestants and hip-hop headliners to much-buzzed blog bands and returning legends. In fact, the response was so overwhelming that we decided to do a second round of artist's picks -- their favorite songs and albums of the year -- which you can read below.

[artist id="3080429"]David Archuleta[/artist]

"One of the biggest songs of the year for me was definitely 'I'm Yours' by

[artist id="1231897"]Jason Mraz[/artist] ... you gotta love that song. I mean, who doesn't? If you don't there's something wrong going on. It's an awesome song.

"Some of the big albums for me were We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things by Jason Mraz, Where The Light Is, the live album by John Mayer, Pocket Full Of Sunshine, [artist id="1796764"]Natasha Bedingfield[/artist] -- that's a good one. I really liked Fearless by

[artist id="2389485"]Taylor Swift[/artist], that's an awesome album. I like, uh,

[artist id="2005059"]Sara Bareilles'[/artist] one, but I don't know if that came out this year or last year. I don't know which ones came out when."

[artist id="1215664"]David Banner[/artist]

"My album of the year would be

[artist id="510062"]Wayne's[/artist] [Tha Carter III], and it would be him for a couple of reasons. Number one, my connection to his album and, number two, just what he did for rap music. Look at it, Wayne just breathed life back into the opportunities that we all can have if we work hard.

"My favorite song? 'Get Like Me,' David Banner,

[artist id="1961441"]Chris Brown[/artist], Young Joc. It was different from anything I heard this year and I was on it."

[artist id="1220799"]John Mayer[/artist]

"I'm gonna go for [artist id="1000"]Nas'[/artist] [album], because it was one of the most amazing things to listen to. It was like somebody doing a backflip a billion times in one record. Because every time you write a lyric, and you do a little twist, and the whole record is like that. It's like Cirque du Soleil for lyrics. The [artist id="508501"]Q-Tip[/artist] album is really incredible. He doesn't have that chip in his head that cares about selling a billion albums, and it's kept him so authentic for so long. He keeps putting out the stuff he needs to make that other people will get inspired by, make a billion dollars, thank Q-Tip in the liner notes, and he'll keep being the artist's artist ... and I think that's super responsible.

"The [artist id="1803648"]M.I.A.[/artist] track is unstoppable. [artist id="2807016"]Jordin Sparks [/artist] and Chris Brown's 'No Air' is such an incredible track. [artist id="1940303"]Rihanna's[/artist] 'Disturbia.' Try this: make, like, a 'Rihanna Disturbia Count' for your day -- you'll get up to five or six, even if you don't go to a club. Go to a Subway sandwich shop, you're gonna hear it twice. It's just everywhere. [artist id="1962774"]Katy Perry's[/artist] 'I Kissed a Girl,' that's kind of like the novelty track ... this year is about tracks.

[artist id="2490602"]Leona Lewis[/artist] is fantastic. [artist id="1828600"]Ray LaMontagne[/artist] is the songwriter of the year, forget it. That album he put out, you put on the song called 'Let It Be Me,' and it's a full-on flush. Regardless of what's inside of you, forget it ... tears."

Mark Hoppus

"[artist id="2584573"]Vampire Weekend's[/artist] album. I had heard a lot about this band, but never really listened to their album. Then we all ended up hanging out at the mtvU Woodie Awards and I bought their album afterwards. Now it's in constant rotation on my iPod. The songs are all really well-written, and I dig the kind of lo-fi recording quality it has. The music reminds me of a modern version of Paul Simon's 'Graceland' album in a lot of ways.

» Socratic's Spread the Rumors: The band asked me to produce this record and it was one of the best experiences for me as a producer. They all wanted to try different instrumentation and arrangements. Their influences come from all over the musical map. At the heart, they are a pop band, but much more clever."

» [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West's[/artist] 808's & Heartbreak: I love that you never know what Kanye is going to come with on each new album. He's really a genius. I've only had the album for a week now, and every time I listen to it I hear more elements that I really dig."

Ryan Ross,

[artist id="2008947"]Panic at the Disco[/artist]

"Fleet Foxes, Fleet Foxes: This band got a lot of attention this year, and rightfully so. Crazy that this is their first album, they already have such a distinguishable sound. 'Beach Boys meets Bob Dylan' is the catchiest comparison I can make with this band -- really interesting lyrics, but also fantastic vocal arrangements and harmonies. 'White Winter Hymnal' is probably my favorite track. I recommend 'Ragged Wood' and 'Quiet Houses,' but really the whole album, though.

» Dr. Dog, Fate: I was just turned onto this band recently. I don't know what you'd call them -- a little rock and roll, a little pop, a little folk -- their own thing, really. And from this album I'd recommend 'The Breeze,' 'The Old Days' and 'Army of Ancients.' One thing I love about this band is the vocal harmonies, and the singer's voice -- you just want to believe what he's singing.

» Noah and the Whale, Peaceful: 'The World Lays Me Down,' 'Give a Little Love,' '5 Years Time,' and 'Shape of My Heart' are probably my favorite songs on this album, although the whole thing has a really unique sound. Great fun pop melodies; it's nice to hear a band not be afraid to be catchy.

» The Fireman, Electric Arguments: Paul McCartney has put out a few albums as The Fireman, but this is the first with vocals. The first song floors me ... It's heavy and so impressive [that] he can still sing as well as he does at his age. The second song, 'Two Magpies,' is one of my favorites from the album also ... such a juxtaposition from the first track to this. The production on the album is really deep as well, a lot of really fascinating sounds.

» [artist id="508205"]Phantom Planet[/artist], Raise the Dead: We toured with this band earlier this year, and I didn't know much about them before that. I got this album a few weeks before the tour started and was blown away. By far their best album, and very underrated -- people need to hear this. 'Quarantine' is excellent, and 'I Don't Mind' might be my favorite song of this year."

Adrian Young, [artist id="1003"]No Doubt[/artist]

"[artist id="1244299"]The Killers[/artist] are really great. I just bought their record on iTunes two days ago, and I have their other two records, and ... they're really, really a great band. I really enjoy their albums."

Lisa Origliasso, [artist id="1967806"]The Veronicas[/artist]

"We both loved [artist id="1968732"]Paramore's[/artist] 'Decode.' Seriously, we love that song. Kings of Leon 'Sex On Fire.'

[artist id="2552793"]MGMT's[/artist] 'Electric Feel,' that was a great song too."

[artist id="1237620"]Nick Lachey[/artist]

"Leona Lewis's album. I think she's a phenomenal singer, and a beautiful girl and she's certainly made a huge splash this year. [artist id="2002414"]Ne-Yo's[/artist] really made his mark this year, too."

Ezra Koening, Vampire Weekend

"It wasn't my favorite song from the album, but I think it is the song of the year, so I'll say 'A Milli,' because it sort of took over the world. I heard a million different versions of it, heard it on the Subway, people blasting it everywhere, and it's really a weird song and it's awesome it's such a huge hit."

Rostam Batmanglij, Vampire Weekend

"Kanye, 'Love Lockdown,' that song is incredible. It's really special. I think we all appreciate the fact that whole album has a musical concept, you know? It's like a limitation in terms of what sounds are on that record, and that's the kind of thing that makes us really excited, those kinds of musical concepts. So I think that album 808s & Heartbreak, that's really cool."

Chris Tomson, Vampire Weekend

"My favorite song is 'Courtship Dating' by Crystal Castles. It sounds like a

[artist id="503162"]Timbaland[/artist] beat, but with the cheesiness turned down a little bit. And 'In the New Year' by the [artist id="760446"]Link Text[/artist]Walkmen. Their You & Me is one of the only albums I bought this year; it's great."

Nick Harmer, Death Cab For Cutie

"1. [artist id="1236818"]TV On the Radio[/artist], Dear Science

2. [artist id="760446"]My Morning Jacket[/artist], Evil Urges

3. Frightened Rabbit, Midnight Organ Fight

4. [artist id="1123"]Radiohead[/artist], In Rainbows

5. Fleet Foxes, Fleet Foxes

6. [artist id="3000112"]She and Him[/artist], Volume One

7. [artist id="1217864"]Mates of State[/artist], Rearrange Us

8. Torche, Meanderthal

9. Ra Ra Riot, The Rhumb Line

10. [artist id="970"]Beck[/artist], Modern Guilt"

Gabe Saporta, [artist id="760446"]Cobra Starship[/artist]

"[artist id="1225081"]T.I[/artist]., 'Live Your Life:' The last CD I actually listened to was T.I. vs. T.I.P. -- it's still in my car's CD player from last year. Then T.I. all went and got arrested for trying to buy some machine guns, and I was all thinking that was the end of T.I -- but I was wrong. I was DEAD wrong. And I'll be the FIRST to admit it.

» [artist id="1243214"]Chromeo[/artist], 'Bonafied Lovin:' I always thought of Chromeo as that cooler, smarter, better-looking older brother who you'll never be as good as, and doesn't really know you exist. Like, I thought I was pretty bad (as in Michael Jackson Bad, as opposed to 'not-good' bad) for being Latino and Jewish, but if a girl wants some delectable French cuisine at a competitive price? Well, then, call Dave Macklovitch -- homeboy is FRENCH and Jewish. He can dance, make money and cook you some good sh--.

» MGMT, 'Electric Feel:' I really only liked this song when I thought the lyrics were, 'Ooh girl, club you like a baby seal.' Then learned the real lyrics and hated it. Then it showed up on 'Gossip Girl' and I loved it again.

» [artist id="1784962"]John Legend[/artist] featuring Andre 3000, 'Green Light:' Again, songs are always better when you make up your own lyrics. This song was known on our tour as 'Shreddy to Bro.' It's really good, but Andre's rap is what does it for me. I can especially relate to the part where he goes, 'Let's hop in a cab and split it/ Naw, I'm kiddin' -- we ain't goin' to where you live.' 'Cause sometimes I'm also like, 'Damn girl! Really? The Montrose stop? That's like 45 minutes if the L is even running. We can take a cab, but I only got 10 bucks.'

» Cobra Starship, 'I Kissed a Boy:' Like I said, songs are always better if you make up your own lyrics.

» Millionaires, 'Alcohol:' What's better than three 19-year-old girls writing a song whose chorus is, 'Let's get f---ed up/ Gimme my alcohol?' Well, what if I told you that they even spelled it out for you? 'Cause, like, they're still in school and stuff. And, like, spelling is really important.

» [artist id="1235716"]Fall Out Boy[/artist], 'I Don't Care:' There really is no role more suited for me to play than a creepster who is running around the city exposing himself. Damn, I look really creepy in this video. Call me.

» [artist id="2583152"]Flo Rida[/artist], 'In The Ayer:' So our sound guy Chris V wears baggy shorts, likes to break-dance and hates our band. So he always plays hip-hop in between sets, which would be fine by me, except he always wants to play this back-packer sh-- that, like, three dudes drinkin' PBR will know. And I'm all, 'Yo V, put on some sh-- to make my booty pop.' So he added 'Ayer' to his playlist."

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