Jake Miller Was All About The Selfies And Smiles At The 2014 MTV EMA

If you had a face like Jake's you'd be taking selfies too.

I've had Jake Miller's new Lion Heart EP on repeat ever since it came out, and clearly, I'm not the only one.

During his EMA kick-off hosting gig, thousands of fans were gathered -- in the rain no less -- for a glimpse at the solo artist, who performed "Dazed And Confused" and then lent his signature smile and charm to his hosting gig, trading banter with host Nick Cannon, doing his hometown of Miami (and his legion of devoted Millertary enlistees) proud.

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He even took the time to take a special selfie of the moment while on stage.

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Miller was up for the Artist On The Rise EMA, which he sadly didn't win, but his performance and co-hosting duties more than made up for it. Besides, he was up against some pretty stiff competition with Fifth Harmony and 5 Seconds of Summer.

And you know what? There's still plenty of time for Jake to snag an EMA in the future -- I'm positive it's in the cards for soon. And, being the positive person he always is, he's still pretty happy with the night:

Also, this wink is pretty much to-die-for adorable:

Finally, because he's a total mensch, Jake posted a collage detailing all his favorite moments from the EMA evening:

Sigh. Boyfriend material.

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