Kristen Stewart Recalls 'Insane' Nudity In 'On The Road'

'Twilight' actress tells MTV News she thinks people are being 'a little uptight' about the film's sex scenes.

For "Twilight" fans who thought the sex scene in "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" were revealing, Kristen Stewart hasn't showed you anything yet. When Stewart hits the big screen again in the film adaptation of Jack Kerouac's American classic "On the Road," she'll be revealing a lot more than skimpy lingerie. The film contains quite a few sex scenes, including a threesome between Stewart and co-stars Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley. Talk about risqué!

"I wasn't scared, honestly," Stewart said in reference to the love scenes. "It's kind of insane to watch now. I'm like, 'Who is that?' But I think -- as every actress says when they do this is -- it just felt so right. It was so within a different world and so within a different environment that I don't even really feel -- I mean, I am personally connected to it, of course -- but it is something outside of myself."

The film follows young drifters Dean Moriarty and his best friend Sal Paradise as the epitome of the Beat Generation. After Sal's father dies, the duo embarks on a trip across America with Dean's wife Marylou, a 16-year-old with an affinity for marijuana and sex.

The actress revealed that although her character is sexually promiscuous, the role didn't bother her. "I have kind of no qualms about it either," she said. "I think people are a little uptight."

The starlet believes she felt comfortable in part due to director Walter Salles. "I felt so safe with Walter," she revealed. "Nothing was ever, ever about taking your clothes off."

Stewart's film will debut at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival along with her boyfriend Robert Pattinson's "Cosmopolis." When asked if there was a little healthy competition between her and her "Twilight" co-star, the actress said it's definitely there even though she hasn't been able to see his film yet.

"It's such weird timing. I think if it was us or them. I think we'd take the cake," the actress joked. "I haven't seen 'Cosmopolis' yet. I'm dying to see it. The first time I get to see it is actually in Cannes."

So, whose film will be better?

"Mine," Stewart said before breaking into a laugh.

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