'Game Of Thrones' Season Three Sends Jon Snow And Ygritte 'Beyond The Wall'

Actress Rose Leslie shares small plot detail while talking to MTV News at Comic-Con.

Although we still have a very long wait for the season-three premiere of HBO's fantasy epic "Game of Thrones," it's never too early to discuss the aforementioned upcoming season with the show's cast members. The Emmy-nominated drama's presence and panel at Comic-Con last month generated plenty of excitement with new castmember announcements as well as resident castmember appearances.

MTV News was lucky enough to catch up with one of season two's most welcome additions, Rose Leslie, who plays feisty wildling Ygritte. The actress offered up the little detail she could reveal of her character's journey next season and expressed how grateful she is to be a part of the cast.

"Jon Snow and Ygritte, we might have an adventure beyond the Wall," Leslie teased, when asked what she could share of her season-three plot knowledge. "That is as tight-lipped as it [has to] be."

One "Game of Thrones"-related detail she didn't have to be quite so tight-lipped about was her genuine love for the show and the camaraderie she shares with her onscreen love interest Kit Harington (Jon Snow).

"We're good friends. Hopefully that translated onto the screen," Leslie said of her scene work with Harington. "Especially with Ygritte teasing him so much, she just loves to mock him. We had a lot of fun with that during the rehearsal. [The characters] are just so much fun to play, and the writing is just brilliant."

Leslie, who is also featured on TV hit "Downton Abbey," went on to say that she feels the female characters on "Thrones" are particularly brilliant and that playing Ygritte is like "gold dust."

"I love that she is such a powerful dominant woman and she knows what she wants," Leslie said. "She knows what to take in from anybody and that's what I love about her, definitely, and that's what read to me when I first auditioned for the character. Within the show there are so many dominant women throughout and it's gold dust for any actress, playing such a cool badass character."

Finally, because the Scottish actress told us that she has done her homework and has read all of George R.R. Martin's books upon which the series is based, we asked her what "rainbowland" ending she would want for Ygritte if she could write it herself.

"I would want them to stay in the cave forever," Leslie said with a smile, referencing a well-known setting that readers of the books will appreciate.

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