Deftones, KMFDM, Ogre Added To Skinny Puppy Mix

The much anticipated remix album from industrial legends Skinny Puppy finally has a release date. A spokesperson for Nettwerk Records confirms the record should be out October 20.

The latest notables to be added to mix include the Deftones, KMFDM and Puppy vocalist Nivek Ogre. Orge's appearance will be in tandem with his WELT mate Mark Walk.

The Deftones have chosen the song "Spasmolytic," KMFDM is taking on "Addiction," and Ogre and Walk are bringing life back to "Smothered Hope.

As previously reported by MTV News, they join God Lives Underwater, Josh Wink, Chris Vrenna, Adrian Sherwood, Autechre, Rhys Fulber, Gang Starr and Ruby, among others.

Meanwhile, Ogre and Walk are also set to resurrect WELT, which never did see the light of day thanks to problems with the label, American Recordings. And Ogre has also recently teamed up with Martin Atkins to form a project they're calling "Ritalin." They've just released an album titled "Bedside Toxicology.

Skinny Puppy recorded eight albums including their full length debut in 1985, and 1996's "The Process," released after the band disintegrated.