T.I. Calls For Regulations On Police Officers In CNN Interview

Tip and Kap G discussed racial profiling and police brutality.

T.I. and Kap G have been very outspoken about police officers this month.

That was part of the message on their David Banner-assisted remix of "La Policia," which dropped on Apr. 9. Just weeks removed from the track's release, Tip accompanied Kap again for a discussion about police brutality on CNN.

"I think there’s been a blatant disregard in all underserved areas of society when it comes to interactions with law enforcement," T.I. said. "I think there’s a resentment, an undeniable fear that I believe law enforcement has for young minorities and it is reflected in their actions.

"Of course that leads to angry lyrics because our music, historically, has been a reflection of our circumstances," Tip added. "So if you don’t like our lyrics, you must change the circumstances that inspire them."

Kap was also able to expand on his position regarding law enforcement officials during the interview.

"The things that they’re doing is just not good right now," he said. "You see people dying. The reason I wrote this song is because I was racial[ly] profiled. Me being Mexican-American, it was two years ago, I got pulled over. Basically, the whole situation was just unfair."

Critics of Kap and T.I.'s "La Policia" have said it could lead to police officers being killed. Tip, who also says he's experienced unfair treatment from police officers, responded to criticism about their collaboration.

"We’re not calling for the death of anyone. We are calling for the deaths of our people to end," Tip clarified.

"Just as there are government funded task forces for other crime syndicate units, whether it’s the mafia, terrorists or the hip-hop cops, I believe these police officers who hide behind their badges and abuse their authority deserve just as much attention from the federal government and other people who can put some regulations to their actions."