Tom Holland Is Becoming Spider-Man By Basically Jumping On A Bounce House All Day

Plus, he talks Ron Howard and whale hunting for 'In The Heart Of The Sea.'

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Amid the sloshing waves and Chris-Hemsworth-brandishing-a-spear moments in Ron Howard's new whale-hunting epic "In The Heart Of The Sea," there's 19-year-old Tom Holland, who plays the ship's cabin boy.

That role required a certain amount of self-discipline -- namely, cutting down his diet to more closely resemble an actual shipwrecked crew. "If I see a pot of quinoa ever again, I am gonna tear the place down," he recently told MTV News. "I’m just so done with quinoa."

Adhering to a quinoa-heavy diet is just one method of preparation for a a film role. Holland, who will appear as Spider-Man in both "Captain America: Civil War" next year and the character's own reboot film in 2017, is also getting more limber to bounce around as Spidey by literally utilizing a bounce house. Because, really, what better training to become a superhero than with an awesome bouncy castle?

"I’ve just been given this new gymnastics mat called an AirTrack, which basically you just plug in and it blows up and it’s a huge bouncy castle that you can bounce around in in your garden," Holland said. "You should see my dog on it!"

Holland also said his role as Peter Parker/Spider-Man is the culmination of him being a fan of the character since he was just six years old. "It’s been a dream of mine to be Peter Parker, and I almost feel like I’ve been preparing my whole life, and the last few months, I’ve been doing nothing but reading comics," he said.

He's also taking some serious inspiration from director Ron Howard as he goes into his role as the web-slinging superhero.

"What it mean is when he’s on set, he’s very calm, and that makes us calm, and that means we can trust him, and it really does make a difference in a director when you can trust them," Holland said. "Like, I’m reading these comics. I’m getting ready. I’m making sure I know everything there is to know, and then I can do the character justice."

"In The Heart Of The Sea" hits theaters December 11.