Allison Iraheta Gushes About 'Don't Waste The Pretty' Co-Star Orianthi

'We want to write together,' she says of her tourmate on Adam Lambert's Glam Nation jaunt.

If you saw Allison Iraheta and Orianthi recently on "So You Think You Can Dance" and thought, "Dang, they have some killer chemistry," you're not alone. The two have been rocking together on an almost nightly basis, thanks to [article id="1644936"]Adam Lambert's Glam Nation Tour[/article], on which they each perform opening sets and collaborate on Iraheta's single "Don't Waste the Pretty."

"When [Orianthi] comes out [onstage], I get all crazy," Iraheta told MTV News when Glam Nation hit New York this summer. "I'm all, 'Man, I gotta start getting all manly and stuff.' 'Cause when she plays -- her face, man. She's intense."

Allison tapped the Australian guitar wiz to give "Pretty" a dirtier rock edge versus the pop recording initially released on her debut album, Just Like You. "She brings something so different to the song. It's so crazy," Iraheta beamed.

Allison and Orianthi (Alli-anthi?) have so much fun rocking out, the two plan to join forces more often. "We want to write together," Iraheta said. "I even told her: 'Let's bring the Heart [sound] back!' " The redheaded rocker (who gained millions of fans when she debuted on the eighth season of "American Idol" with a Heart song, appropriately enough) even went so far as to say she'd consider creating a band with Orianthi down the road.

OK, so a permanent Alli-anthi rock band probably won't happen. Instead, fans should just keep "Don't Waste the Pretty" on repeat and hope that their busy schedules allow for a killer music video.

When we spoke with Allison in June, she hinted that she'd have time to film a proper video once her Glam Nation commitment ended. But that was before Iraheta's stint on Lambert's tour was extended through October, thanks to popular demand from fans.

Would you like to see Allison and Orianthi join forces on the regular? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!