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Maroon 5 Drop New Track, 'Maps,' And Tease A Huge Collaboration

'Where is that map that leads back to you? I know it's in here somewhere,' and so is Gwen Stefani.

After crushing it with 2012's Overexposed, Maroon 5 are back in the game with a new single, "Maps," which debuted online on Monday morning (June 16). Adam Levine's signature falsetto is still up front on the mid-tempo pop tune, which has echoes of the Police in the verses.

"But I wonder where were you/When I was at my worst/Down on my knees/And you said you had my back/So I wonder where were you," Levine sings on the song's explosive chorus. "All the worse you took came back to me/So I’m following the map that leads to you/The map that leads to you/ Ain't nothing I can do."

The first taste of the band's upcoming fifth album, V, due on September 2, seems to be about a once-burning love affair that end in confusion and betrayal. But speaking to Ryan Seacrest on Monday, Levine said he had a different view of the song. "It’s complicated," he said. "It’s also kind of not giving up on things too. People go through a lot of things and get stepped on and step on others and we all make mistakes … It’s kind of more about not giving up on something, even though maybe you should."

Levine said he's very excited, and a bit nervous, about the new song, but even more so about the album, which he said is his favorite one from the band to date. "Here’s the deal, I’m so excited about this album. Mostly because I think that what we always do with every record … it’s kind of everything we’ve ever done as a band musically. It’s kind of all of those things on this album. It’s what we used to sound like, it’s what we sound like now, it’s what we want to sound like tomorrow. It’s all those elements all combined to make one, I think, really great album."

Another thing that has him stoked is a collabo with No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani, whose cameo he was hoping to keep a secret. "I wanted it to be a surprise, but she is," he told Seacrest. We don't know much else about V yet, except that keyboardist Jesse Carmichael was back in the fold after taking a hiatus during the previous album's sessions and that the release will feature production from hit-making machines Max Martin, Benny Blanco, Ryan Tedder and Shellback.