Riff Raff Eyeing "Lawyer Team" for 'Spring Breakers' Suit

The intriguing case of Riff Raff versus James Franco and the Spring Breakers movie took a new twist this week when the rapper and all around entertainment entity told TMZ cameras that he was going to sue the movie's makers for $8-10 million over allegations they appropriated his image for Franco's character "Alien." "James Franco's cool, he drops four or five movies a year, he has the money. It's not about him, you know what I mean? I just need my money," he explained earlier this week while in Hollywood.

Hive hit up the Raffster to press him for more details on the case and he obliged. First he pointed us to a recently Instagrammed (below) picture of Franco dressed up as Alien while posing in front of what appears to be an incriminating inspiration board of photos of Riff Raff. If the case goes to court, we won't be seeing ol' Jodyhighroller representing himself, though. Instead, he'll be employing the services of a "Lawyer Team of course -- this isn't a game show." Serious business abounds.

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 11.56.04 AM

If James Franco were to be called to take the stand during the case, Riff Raff told us that he'd want his Lawyer Team professionals to ask him, "Who demanded that you copy Riff Raff?" He also added that he has no current plans to trademark his distinctive image as "I don't need to -- everyone knows me."

During Riff Raff's original comments to TMZ, he invoked a metaphor about people planting peach trees in his yard and then selling the ill-gotten gains without compensating him. We asked the Raffish one if he had any home gardening tips for successful fruit growing. He responded, "Yeah, pay for the soil first so that you don't have to compensate after harvest time." Wise words.

Check out Riff Raff's new video for "Mr. Popular" below: 

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