7 Things We Learned About Justin Bieber After Listening To Purpose

Justin seeks forgiveness and wants you to know he's not perfect.

Justin Bieber is back and better than ever.

The singer just dropped his fourth album, Purpose, which is lyrically revealing and sonically appealing. Justin, with the help of Skrillex, Ed Sheeran and several other high-profile producers and writers, take you on a musical journey, giving us a glimpse at what life is really like for one of the most scrutinized stars in the world.

On the album, Justin sings a lot about faith, love and heartbreak, but most notably, he is owning up to his mistakes, reminding us, time and time again, that he is not perfect.

Here are seven things we learned about Justin through the revealing lyrics off his album.

"Mark My Words"

Most revealing lyric: "But I won't let me lose you/ And I won't let us just fade away/ After all that we've been through/ I'ma show you more than I ever could say."

What we learned: It's interesting that Justin kicked off the album with "Mark My Words," a slow, simple ballad, but it packs a big meaning. The song, which he said is about his ex, Selena Gomez, is about not letting the person you love the most out of your life even if you're not together. Justin is telling her to wait for him so he can show her exactly how much she means. The lyrics go hand-in-hand with what Justin has been saying in recent interviews that he and Selena have to figure themselves out if they ever want to get back together.

"I'll Show You"

Most revealing lyric: "It's like they want me to be perfect/ When they don't even know that I'm hurting."

What we learned: Justin is ready to show the world that he has changed. Yes, he's made mistakes, but he also hasn't had a very normal life when he was a teen, growing up in the spotlight and having his each and every move judged by critics.

"Love Yourself"

Most revealing lyric: "'Cause if you like the way you look that much/ Oh baby you should go and love yourself."

What we learned: Someone clearly did Justin wrong and he is putting her on blast. Teaming up with Ed Sheeran, the two wrote a song about how someone took advantage of Justin's celebrity status to get ahead, but he didn't notice because he was "caught up in my job." It also gave us this fabulous line, "My mama don't like you, and she likes everyone."

"Life Is Worth Living"

Most revealing lyric: "Life is worth living, so live another day/ The meaning of forgiveness/ People make mistakes, doesn't mean you have to give in."

What we learned: This is definitely a redemption song for Justin as he talks about how his faith got him through his dark periods. In an interview with Complex, he said that his faith brought him to a "whole other level," and this song certainly shows that. He once again sings that he isn't "perfect," but he's "working on a better me" and that the only real person that can judge him is God.


Most revealing lyric: "Feeling like I'm breathing my last breath/ Feeling like I'm walking my last steps/ Look at all of these tears I've wept/ Look at all the promises that I've kept."

What we learned: This is probably the heaviest song on the album as Justin pretty much questions his entire existence. Once Justin confronts his demons and embraces his faith, he realizes he's been given the greatest gift: purpose. Justin ends the song with a spoken word outro where he says that he's only human and trying the best that he can, but it isn't always easy to make the right decisions.

"We Are"

Most revealing lyric: "They ain't never had your back like I got it/ They ain’t ever had trust like how we got it/ So they can't help but to come and hate on it/ They see what we got and you know they want it, don't question it."

What we learned: This song, which features Nas, may also be a nod to his relationship with Selena and how all of the Jelena haters may have had a part in their breakup. The song also goes on to say how she is starting to believe all the rumors that are going on about their relationship, but he doesn't "want to lose who we are."

"All In It"

Most revealing lyric: "Still don’t condone it, love is a component/ You’re the only opponent, gotta seize the moment."

What we learned: Justin ends the deluxe version of his album on a positive note saying that you shouldn't do anything unless you are 100 percent invested in it. He could very well be talking about the personal journey of making this album and how he didn't create it until he was "All In It." Justin once again closes out the song speaking, reminding people once again nobody is perfect, and the only recognition he cares about is God's.