Christopher Nolan Wrote An 'Interstellar' Comic Book All About [SPOILER]

Back to space!

Warning: "Interstellar" Spoilers Ahead!

"Interstellar" is over, but Doctor Mann's journey is just beginning.

Christopher Nolan has written an "Interstellar" comic book all about Matt Damon's courageous (*cough*) space explorer, and his first few days on the ice planet he's tasked with investigating as part of the Lazarus mission. The full comic can be read on Wired, guest edited by Nolan himself - but here's a preview of what you'll find:

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Written by Nolan and illustrated by "Punk Rock Jesus" artist Sean Gordon Murphy, the "Interstellar" comic," titled "Absolute Zero," sees Damon's Doctor Mann struggling with issues of isolation and hopelessness on a lonely world a long way from home, with no one but the robot KIPP along for company. As "Interstellar" shows us, Mann's manic nature is only going to get worse from here.

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