'Snooki & JWOWW' Bonus Scene: Jionni And Vincenzo Celebrate Guys' Night In With A Dance Party


There are few things better in life than spending the night in sweatpants while kickin' it with your homies on the couch. In fact, the only thing that could trump that dream situation is taking your friends out of the equation entirely, and replacing them with a hilarious child who doesn't need a club to have a good time -- just a table, so he can throw a one-man dance party. When you see how fun Jionni's nephew Vincenzo is, you can hardly blame him for wanting to chill out with the kid in this "Snooki & JWOWWbonus scene.

While the girls are out getting schwasted to stoke the fires of female friendship, Jionni and Vincenzo decide to spend their evening in, and can't help but imagine what kind of shenanigans the ladies are getting into. While Jionni is at a loss for answers, Vincenzo's got plenty. "Playing on their harmonica while they're waiting for their food," says a confident Vin. When he's through listing what musical mischief Snooki could be partaking in, Vincenzo quits being an oracle and breaks into a sweet tabletop dance. And like that, a guys' night tradition is born.

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