'13 Reasons Why' Star Was Literally Shook When Lady Gaga Responded To Her

Katherine Langford was, in her own words, ‘shook as fuck’

What would you do if Lady Gaga knew who you were? If you're Katherine Langford, the star of 13 Reasons Why, you sit in shocked silence and reflect on how you arrived at this iconic moment in your life.

When Langford stopped by Young Hollywood earlier this month with costar Dylan Minnette (Clay Jensen), she was asked who her favorite band was in high school, and Langford answered with an artist: Lady Gaga. Then she sang a snippet from "Bad Romance," which made Minnette laugh.

On Wednesday (April 12) Gaga retweeted the video clip and made Langford's wildest dreams come true with one word and one emoji.

Devin Druid‏ (Tyler Down) excitedly commented, "OMG KAT'S GONNA FLIP," and he definitely wasn't wrong. Via an Instagram Story — which a fan captured and uploaded to Twitter — Langford had the only reasonable reaction: "She knows who I am. I'm shook as fuck."

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