Zac Efron And Emily Ratajkowski Reveal Their Signature Dance Moves

And the songs that make them wanna boogie.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

In the new movie "We Are Your Friends," Zac Efron plays the most fistpump-inspiring of DJs, lighting up parties with his EDM mixes. He's driven, and that's even before Emily Ratajkowski's character comes into play.

Ahead of the release of the film, MTV News had to know: what songs does the cast of the movie like to get down to?

"I do listen to a lot of hip-hop lately. Like A$AP Rocky," Efron said, adding that another current jam is ScHoolboy Q's "Man of the Year."

While Efron's signature dance move is "a two-step," co-star Ratajkowski prefers "a funky twist," something that proved hard to demonstrate while sitting down.

As for what she prefers to jam to, Ratajkowski said, "I like to listen to the Talking Heads, but then I randomly wanna listen to like, A$AP or like Kanye. Then I wanna listen to Joni Mitchell."

We respect an eclectic iPod!

"We Are Your Friends" hits theaters August 28.