Toni Braxton On Landing Dre, Q-Tip For New Video

Two-timing Dr. Dre is probably not a good idea, but that's precisely what Toni Braxton does in her new video.

In Braxton's clip for "Just Be a Man About It," her character grows tired of being neglected by Dre and seeks solace in the arms of Q-Tip.

[article id="1440689"]"[Dre's] this player, and he's out at the club and he calls me and says, 'Toni, I'm not coming home,'"[/article] Braxton told MTV News of the second video from her album "The Heat.

[article id="1440689"]"I play his girlfriend, and I'm upset, I'm angry, I'm throwing things around the apartment, and then I say, 'Enough of this.' This is like the 30th time he's done it to me, so I call this other guy. It happens to be Q-Tip, and he comes over. Dr. Dre comes home finally at 7 or 8 o'clock in the morning, and I'm on the couch with Q-Tip." [/article]

The scene sounds like an explosion in the making, but Braxton noted that she gets off a lot easier

in the video than she probably would have in real life.

[article id="1440689"]"[Dre] just gives me the middle finger and calls me a name and walks out,"[/article] Braxton said. [article id="1440689"]"Well, we know Dre wouldn't do that. I thanked him for making me look like Superwoman in the video, because we know he would do something. That was cool to let people see another side of him, and he was like, 'I'll just do it.' So it was kind of fun for him, I think." [RealVideo][/article]

The clip comes on the heels of Braxton's other recent tale of love gone awry, "He Wasn't Man Enough." The singer already has her eyes on the third single from "The Heat" and plans to release "Spanish Guitar" to radio in the coming weeks. She is also considering releasing the album's title track, "The Heat," as the fourth single when the time comes.

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