Bobby V Breaks Down 50 Cent Collabo 'Alter Ego'

Crooner says track shows both his 'good' and 'put it on ya' sides.

Bobby V has carved out a career cranking out bedroom burners and teaming up with MCs like Ludacris and Lil Wayne along the way. Usually, he works with the rap stars for the club records and goes solo on the sexy stuff. But for one of his latest sensual cuts, "Alter Ego," the Mississippi crooner combined the hip-hop and R&B worlds by teaming up with 50 Cent.

Bobby stopped by the MTV News office earlier this week, and he explained that even though Fif has amassed his entertainment conglomerate on the strength of his gruff persona, the "Slow Down" crooner said the G-Unit MC's newly toned-down swagger was just right for the record, which dropped late last year.

"I think that he was perfect for that. He's been doing a lot of songs now. He's not really talking about the "shoot 'em, bang, bang" as much more now. He's much more on the ladies' side of things now, so I just felt like it was right on that introductory tip for me and him to kind of collab on that kind of song," Bobby said. The singer added that the Queens MC was amped to jump on the sultry, bass-heavy track. "He heard the record and he was like, 'Man, you know what? I wanna hop on that.' And he did. It came out, he did his verse, he did it real quick and we made it happen."

Bobby -- who's prepping both his second mixtape, 60 Minutes More, for a February release and his fourth album, Fly on the Wall, for a March drop date -- also broke down the concept of the song, which he explained reflects his multifaceted personality and discusses fulfilling the multiple desires of a lady friend.

"Sometimes you want a missionary man. The other side of me is the crazy man," he said. "One side is the good side, the more 'I'm gonna do things the right way' [side]. The other side of me is the 'I'mma p-p-put it on ya' [side]! It's two different sides. That's my alter ego. I think that every woman, how they feel sometimes, they want a different kind of man. Sometimes they might want the candles lit, and they may want it slow and relaxing and bubble baths and all of the nice things. And sometimes they want you to pull their hair and woo-de-woo-woo-woo-woo crazy. So it just depends on the woman, the time and the place."

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