Umm, Miley Cyrus Just Dyed Her Armpit Hair


UPDATE (5/1/15, 3:30 p.m. ET): Miley just revealed that bleaching was, in fact, the means to an end and that end is PINK ARMPIT HAIR.


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Miley Cyrus

Will pink just be the first in a rainbow of armpit hair colors? We can only hope, right? Stay tuned.


When Miley Cyrus introduced Joan Jett at the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame a few weeks ago, the public—and especially people on Twitter—picked up on the fact that she had started going the way of Madonna, Julia Roberts, and more—yeah, she stopped shaving her armpits.

Well, it seems like Miley has plans other than, simply, length for her armpit hair. She bleached it.

Last night, Miley hosted a "pit party" with Justin Anderson, a hair colorist. The two of them showed off some sort of white cream in their pits—Miley went so far as to protect her sports bra from the ~substance~ with paper towels, a trick that will might be helpful for some people with overactive sweat glands as temperatures increase—JUST SAYIN'.

A little while later, Miley shared another, closer-up photo, which shows a pink substance she refers to as "bleach" coating her underarms. While we don't know if she's just lightening her armpit hair—everyone wants to go lighter for spring, y'know?—or if she's bleaching it so she can make it more colorful—green, maybe?—she is definitely giving her armpits an unusual treatment and we can't wait to see the results.

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