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Why 'Perks Of Being A Wallflower' Is Unlike Any Other Film

From its heart-warming story to its lovable cast, 'Perks' has potential.

We've made no attempts to hide our excitement and enthusiasm for "The Perks of Being a Wallflower." The movie has all the makings of a surefire, memorable hit. There's its cult-like status among early adopters/readers of the book, the warm fuzzy story of author-turned-screenwriter-turned-first-time-director Stephen Chbosky and finally, its star-studded cast.

The early buzz on the film is well, buzzy, and if its reception at last night's L.A. premiere is any indication, we very likely have a special success story on our hands. Here's why:


When it comes to film industry-related happenings, Los Angelenos are spoiled. It seems as though everywhere you look there is a premiere to attend, set to visit or celeb to spot. As such, the citizens of the City of Angels are jaded and often difficult to impress, but not at last night's "Perks" premiere.

Chbosky has mentioned that the film is basically an offering of his heart, and you could feel the audience hanging on every word of dialogue -- every unexpectedly emotional reveal. Not once did distracting bright lights from cellphone-checking cast out from the crowd (which is an unfortunate, too-frequent occurrence at movie theaters these days). Emotions were running high after the film ended, as indicated by lots of tissue-dabbing at teary eyes. Several attendees admitted they were having trouble putting their positive reactions into coherent sentences.

The Celeb Bandwagon:

Yes, there are always celeb attendees at movie premieres, but in the case of "Perks," it's the quality of the celeb attendees. And the quantity, actually. So let's call it "quality quantity," which included a who's who of young Hollywood tastemakers: Golden Globe nominee Shailene Woodley, "Pretty Little Liars" stars Tyler Blackburn and Julian Morris, Kristen Bell, Mae Whitman's "Parenthood" bestie Dax Shepard, Emma Watson's "Potter" co-star Bonnie Wright, Nina Dobrev's "Vampire Diaries" cohort Kayla Ewell, Jackson Rathbone, Derek Hough, Leven Rambin and Rumer Willis.

A Cast of Too-Cute Characters:

No matter how many times you've heard that a film's castmembers totally "bonded" and became a "close-knit family" during filming, it's never been truer with the "Perks" actors. Writer/director Chbosky has said that his young actors got along almost too well, which led to some serious shenanigans on location, but that makes the story all the more sweet. Take that photo opp with the Logan Lerman cardboard cutout, for example, which all the principals participated in with enthusiasm, or the fact that the castmembers exuded genuine affection at the premiere, whether they were joking around, posing for pictures with funny faces, quoting the film's memorable lines to one another from across the room or just hugging it out.

This is a film to watch and watch out for. Good things are coming this way.

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