John Legend Praises Chrissy Teigen’s Powerful Postpartum Depression Story

Same 💕

Chrissy Teigen is a laugh riot and a dependable source of silliness on Twitter and Instagram, but she's also a brave, bold individual who uses her platform for raising awareness of issues she's passionate about and stuff that's tough to talk about — like postpartum depression, which she discussed in a recent essay for Glamour.

Teigen has no filter, which is part of the reason her essay was so moving and relatable, and husband John Legend is "glad she wrote about it" for multiple reasons. For one thing, she "let a lot of women know they’re not alone, and no matter how much money you have or fame, anybody can feel that," he shared in a chat with People. It was also a learning experience for him, as he was there for Teigen in any way he could be — and it showed that postpartum depression isn't something that moms should have to deal with on their own.

"[Men] don’t know internally what [postpartum depression] feels like," Legend told People. "You should read about it and understand what it is and really just be there to help. You need to be present and you need to be compassionate. And we’re all learning and trying to figure it out as we go. At least do that and try to figure it out together.”

What's not to love about Legend and Teigen's love? Not a damn thing, and his unwavering support of her is just another point to add to the list.