Day26 Say Diddy Will Always Be Their 'Big Brother,' Despite Label Switch

'We still have the blessings of Diddy,' Willie Taylor says of 'Making the Band' mentor.

Whatever label [artist id="1244169"]Diddy[/artist] does business with, [artist id="3006111"]Day26[/artist] say they will always share a personal and professional bond with the man who made them famous.

"It really doesn't affect us," Willie Taylor said of [article id="1622805"]Diddy's trek from Atlantic Records to Interscope[/article]. "Diddy left to go to Interscope. Big up to [article id="1624390"]Diddy-Dirty Money[/article]. Day26 is still Atlantic. We still have the blessings of Diddy. Anything we need from him, he's like a big brother to us. The support is still there."

Day26 are in the midst of leaving Bad Boy Records, according to their spokesperson, but the guys say Diddy will most likely still be involved in their next album.

"He's not gone," Qwanell "Que" Mosley insisted. "He's there if he wants it. He's Diddy; we trust [his input]. He trusts us now to move on with our careers. It's kind of like a blessing."

The guys plan to handle the production side on many of their new songs.

"We gave you a sample on [article id="1608505"]Forever in a Day,[/article]" Willie said of the group's production skills. "If you read the credits, a lot of that is Day26. But we really wanna get in and zone out again, get the formula. We wanna go back to the Pentagons -- they were amazing. Jazze Pha is amazing. [Bryan-Michael] Cox is amazing. We're reaching out. Sean Garrett -- the Pen. T-Pain. We're gonna reach out. We're gonna spread the wings, but I think the bulk of the album is gonna come from Day26."

"Some artists we wanna work with are Jay-Z, Lil Wayne," Que added. "Eminem is doing his thing. Kanye, Diddy-Dirty Money. We wanna get everybody. Anybody who has any skills, we wanna work with them."

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