Valentine's Day Playlist: Top 10 Best Love Songs

Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift and more make us weak in the knees without the cheesy lyrics and soprano sax.

Valentine's Day -- you either love it or hate it. It makes sweethearts swoon and others want to stab fat cherubs with a bow and arrow. Between the chocolate hearts, the red roses and the teddy bears shoved in our faces, the holiday stirs up a cocktail of emotions: happiness, despair, jealousy, grief, sadness, desire ...

MTV News has all your mood swings covered. In honor of this beloved and dreaded holiday, we're rolling out the Best Love Songs, [article id="1604772"]Best Breakup Songs[/article], Best Makeout Songs and Worst Love Songs in recent memory. It's our Valentine's Day gift to you, minus the dinner-and-a-movie part. So slip into something comfortable, and stay for a while.

Love songs tend to get dusted off and put on display at weddings. And it's hard to take any song seriously right after doing the chicken dance. Our favorite artists know what's up: They express those deepest, darkest emotions without the help of cheesy lyrics or a soprano-saxophone player. Give it up to Justin, the Jonas Brothers and these other winged matchmakers for making us all a little weak in the knees.

[video id="294495"]10. Jonas Brothers - "Lovebug"[/video]

This is about the only "lovebug" we ever want to catch. Let's leave it at that ...

[video id="177827"]9. Alicia Keys - "No One"[/video]

In this soulful song, Alicia belts out her emotions so we don't have to.

[video id="76157"]8. The Postal Service - "Such Great Heights"[/video]

Despite never uttering those three magic words, this 2003 hit puts us on cloud nine.

[video id="328308"]7. Jason Mraz (featuring Colbie Caillat) - "Lucky"[/video]

This duet is bound to make the wedding-day rounds. Still, the old-timey lyrics are cute.

[video id="253422"]6. Miley Cyrus - "7 Things"[/video]

This isn't a typo. This certainly isn't a typical love song, considering that Miley sings about hating someone. But listen a little closer, and you'll see the teen queen taps into the heart of a relationship -- the bad that also comes with the good.

[video id="21879"]5. Beyoncé - "Crazy in Love"[/video]

Ms. Sasha Fierce escorts us over the edge of love and back again in her 2003 smash single. Uh-oh!

[video id="275121"]4. Taylor Swift - "Love Story"[/video]

With the sweet melody and fairy-tale references, this teen songstress gives us hope there will be a castle and a lover in a low-cut top in all our futures. Give in and "say yes" to Taylor's catchy chorus.

[video id="136454"]3. Gym Class Heroes - "Cupid's Chokehold"[/video]

Travis McCoy joins forces with Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump to talk pancakes, secret handshakes and other shared moments with a string of girls. You gotta love a guy (and a song) with a sense of humor.

[video id="10270"]2. U2 - "With or Without You"[/video]

After all these years, Bono still melts our hearts. This 1987 classic addresses the question: What the hell would I do without you? That never gets old.

[video id="112870"]1. Justin Timberlake - "My Love"[/video]

With the help of Timbaland and T.I., Justin Timberlake nabs the top spot with his 2006 hit. JT redefines the concept of the love song, proving it can belong in both the club and next to a roaring fireplace.

Do you love it or are you just not that into our picks? Tell us why in the comment section below.

Now that you have the tracks to set the mood, you should gauge your plans with what the [news id=" 1605030"]celebs are doing[/news]. No date? Don't forget that there are [news id="1605034"]single, hot guys[/news] that you might have a chance with. Happy Valentine's Day!

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