Charges In Michael Jackson's Death To Be Filed Monday

DA's statement does not specify who will be charged, but Conrad Murray expects to surrender.

Charges relating to [artist id="1102"]Michael Jackson[/artist]'s death will be filed Monday, according to a statement from the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, but the statement did not specify what the charges would be or who would be charged. Conrad Murray, the singer's personal physician when Jackson died last summer, is expected to be charged in the case.

"Nothing will be filed today in the Michael Jackson death case. A case will be filed on Monday, February 8," the statement reads in part. "Information on charges and the scheduled arraignment will be released after the case is filed."

[article id="1631097"]Murray had planned to surrender[/article] to authorities Friday afternoon (February 5), but prosecutors have delayed filing charges. "In light of the district attorney's office announcement that Dr. Murray will be charged on Monday, we have canceled media access until after arraignment," Chernoff said in a written statement, according to CNN.

Murray's lawyers and prosecutors had been negotiating Thursday to have Murray turn himself in, but those negotiations broke down, a law enforcement source with knowledge of the talks said, according to CNN.

"I don't know what part of negotiations could have broken down, in light of the fact that we've placed ourselves in the hands of law enforcement to surrender at any time," Murray's lawyer Ed Chernoff said.

Murray has told investigators that he administered the surgical anesthetic propofol, as well as other tranquilizers, to Jackson several times in the hours leading up to his death, and the coroner has ruled the singer died of lethal levels of the drug. Involuntary manslaughter charges would require prosecutors to show that Murray engaged in gross negligence in his actions but did not intend to cause harm or death to Jackson.

For a [article id="1631116"]timeline of the Michael Jackson death investigation, head here[/article].

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