Fred Durst An 'Insanely Calm' Director, Says Star Of His Film Debut

Chris Marquette recalls 'great music, great stories' on set of 'The Education of Charlie Banks.'

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst is best known for his powerful musical arrangements and angry persona. But it seems he's taking a different approach to becoming a director.

According to Chris Marquette ("The Girl Next Door") -- star of Durst's debut film, "The Education of Charlie Banks" -- the controversial rocker was downright mellow behind the camera.

"He was really personable and insanely calm," the 22-year-old actor recalled. "We did all our prep work, and when we got to the set he just let it go. It was cool."

Marquette credits Durst's laid-back style with helping him develop as an actor. "The best advice he gave me was like this," Marquette said. "I was like [raising his voice and jumping up and down], 'OK, Fred, how was that?' [In a calm voice, mimicking Durst] 'Very good.' His confidence was incredible."

"The Education of Charlie Banks" follows three New Yorkers, played by Marquette, Jason Ritter and Jesse Eisenberg, who reunite at Vassar College after a turbulent youth.

"I play Danny, this street-talking wise guy who grew up below 14th Street in New York," Marquette said. "He grew up with the harder kids, but his parents were really rich, so he's trying to put on this whole facade. It's bullsh--, to be honest."

Durst's jump behind the camera for a theatrical release has long been rumored (see [article id="1528310"]"Fred Durst: The Next Martin Scorsese?"[/article]). The director of many of his band's most famous videos, Durst has been attached to a number of movie projects. He was offered the chance to helm "Lords of Dogtown," for example -- but turned it down.

The wait was worth it, argues Marquette, who says Durst's life experiences helped foster a rollicking work environment. "It was a ball, a madhouse. Really great music, great stories," Marquette said. "That guy's got more unbelievable stories than anyone I've ever met."

Just not stories the actor can share.

"He doesn't have any PG stories, not at all," Marquette laughed, adding, "It's Fred Durst!"

"The Education of Charlie Banks" does not yet have a release date.

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