Kim Kardashian Says She Didn’t Snub Beauty Vlogger Jackie Aina Over A Bad Review

All is fair in love and contour

Settle in, my friends, as it is time for me to recap you on Kim Kardashian's latest pseudo-scandal.

Last week, Kim celebrated the launch of her KKW Beauty contour kit by inviting some of the most influential beauty vloggers to her home and letting them try it out. That included Jackie Aina, who has about 1.5 million YouTube subscribers and is best known for her hilarious "Trends We're Ditching" videos. The day after the party, Jackie uploaded a thorough and honest review of the kit.

She praised the creative direction of the line, the range of its shades, and the highlighter, but criticized the $48 price point for the small amount of product and found the blending tool hard to use. "Part of me feels like it's a little too late to be doing highlight and contour kits," she also elaborated. "I feel like she should've did this, like, five years ago ... I feel like the whole highlight and contour train has, like, long left the beauty community."

Kim then posted some galleries of photos of her posed with the assorted beauty influencers to Instagram, but noticeably did not tag Jackie in the photo of them together. Fans of Aina's inferred that Kim was purposely snubbing her because of the honest review resulting in many "#TagJackie" comments.

Not long after, in an extensive Twitter thread, Kim explained that this wasn't an act of malice. It was, apparently, the result of a technical error. Or, uh, a flawed Instagram function.

She further elaborated that she was grateful for Aina's feedback and that she'd consider it in the future.

Jackie responded that she'd been skeptical at first, but appreciated Kim's explanation.

In conclusion, all is fair in love and contour.