The Rock And Kevin Hart Opened The Movie Awards With An Explosive 'Mad Max' Tribute

Complete with flaming guitar

The 25th annual MTV Movie Awards kicked off with one helluva opening, thanks to cohosts Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart. Straight from the Warner Bros. studio backlot, the beginning of the show featured plenty dope, memorable moments, including fire and explosives.

In honor of the show's anniversary, the hosts each shared hilariously awkward throwback pics of themselves.

The Rock/Instagram / Kevin Hart/Instagram

The Rock-Kevin Hart

Johnson's was his "buff lesbian" pic, complete with fanny pack, while Hart's involved his "dick in cake" look, a.k.a. the outfit American Pie stole from him.

For starters, they went full Mad Max: Fury Road.

There was a horde of war boys and a flaming guitar — because of course there was — and Hart was decked out in the mask Max wore at the beginning of the film, when he's strapped to the car.

Hart referred to himself as a gremlin.

There was a chance of rain during the show, but thankfully Mother Nature granted mercy. Hart joked he was a gremlin and would simply multiply if he got wet. Same.

Johnson graced us with his "Rock" hard abs.


Bless up, The Rock. Bless all the way up.

Johnson and Hart roasted each other.


Johnson claimed one of Hart's movies was titled "Hip-Hop Hobbit," and Hart retorted by calling him "chocolate Shrek."

Watch the whole hilarious thing below.

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