Katy Perry Reveals Inspiration Behind 'Firework'

'I really believe in people and I believe that people have a spark to be a firework,' she tells MTV News at the EMAs.

[article id="1651063"]Katy Perry's new "Firework" video[/article] is an empowering thing, full of real people discovering their inner beauty and stepping out loudly and proudly, no matter what their detractors may say.

And really, that's why [article id="1651128"]Perry decided to work with director Dave Meyers[/article] on the project; his treatment for the clip hit close to home for the pop star. After all, "Firework" was not only one of the last songs she wrote for her Teenage Dream album, it's also the one she described as [article id="1646332"]her "opus"[/article] and [article id="1641387"]her "favorite" on the album[/article].

In the days leading up to the "Firework" premiere, [article id="1651003"]Perry dedicated the video[/article] to the "It Gets Better" campaign, and she couldn't be happier that, in the week following its release, the clip has taken on a life of its own, as a beacon of hope for everyone who's battled bullies or struggled to find themselves.

"I think that's why I wrote it, is because I really believe in people and I believe that people have a spark to be a firework," she told MTV News at Sunday night's MTV Europe Music Awards in Madrid. "It's just up to them, and a lot of times it's only us that's standing in the way of reaching our goals, fulfilling our destinies, being the best version of who we possibly can be, so that's why I wrote it."

During the EMA broadcast, [article id="1651702"]Perry performed "Firework"[/article] from Madrid's iconic Puerta de Alcala and would later take home the [article id="1651712"]Best Video award for her "California Gurls" clip[/article].

The 2010 EMAs will air on Friday, November 12, at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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