Instagram/Hilary Duff

What Else Did Hilary Duff Do In NYC Besides Get Carded?

She painted the town red.

Hilary Duff was all about NYC on Sunday, where she took a break from filming her upcoming TV Land show "Younger" to explore some of the must-see areas with her friends.

What's Sunday without brunch? The "All About You" singer and her gal pals dined at the famous Soho restaurant Balthazar, where she was carded when she asked for champagne, according to People. Apparently, the server did not recognize the "Cheaper By The Dozen" star.

While still in the trendy Manhattan neighborhood, they went on a shopping spree and hit up shops like Intermix and Topshop. They even took the subway in Chinatown!

She also crossed the historic Brooklyn Bridge. By foot. It's over a mile long.

Even without help from Taylor Swift, the city's Global Welcome Ambassador, Hilary navigated the streets of NYC like a pro. NYC tourists should take note.