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Sir Mix-A-Lot Reveals The Celebrity Inspiration Behind 'Baby Got Back'

From Nicki to J.Lo, the Year of the Booty just won't quit.

2014 is clearly the year of the booty, and we're not done sharing rear-related news just yet.

For one, this has been a huge year for a Sir Mix-a-Lot resurgence. First, Nicki Minaj sampled his classic one-hit wonder, "Baby Got Back," for her platinum-selling single "Anaconda" off of her forthcoming new album, "The Pink Print."

And now, Sir Mix-a-Lot has revealed that his tune was inspired by none other than Jennifer Lopez, the long-reigning queen of the posterior. According to TMZ, he was inspired to write the tune after seeing J. Lo perform as a Fly Girl on "In Living Color."

Not to be left out, Jennifer jumped into the derrière game earlier this year. "It’s about time. It’s the year of the booty, for Christ’s sake, it’s been so long," she told MTV News earlier this year.

And who could forget her jealousy-inducing collaboration remix with Iggy Azalea, aptly titled "Booty?" That song, and its too-hot-to-handle video was a clear flag in the sand.

You've got to hand it to Miss Jenny from the Block. Jen who inspired years worth of music and booty-positive culture, even before she was a star. That's one show-stopping booty to be proud of if you ask us!