Gael Garcia Bernal Would Be A 'Mexican Robot' For Guillermo Del Toro

Watch out, 'Pacific Rim 2.'

Reporting by Josh Horowitz.

There are two kinds of robots: regular robots, and then robots played by Gael Garcia Bernal, directed by Guillermo del Toro. If Bernal has it his way, the latter will become a reality.

In a conversation ahead of "Rosewater," Jon Stewart's directorial debut, in which Bernal stars, Bernal revealed to MTV News that he wanted to work with director del Toro. When del Toro was in talks for "The Hobbit" franchise, for example, Bernal says he tried to get a part.

"I've told him, like, just put a drunk Mexican hobbit in the film!" Bernal told MTV News.

Upon hearing that del Toro was planning a sequel to his robot movie, "Pacific Rim," Bernal immediately planned a part for himself.

"He's doing another one of those? There must be a Mexican robot," he said.

"Just imagine the Mexican robot, how cool it would be," he said. "It would be really fun. It would be the robot with the most fun."

"Rosewater" is in theaters now.